Same Mall. Different Day.

We, Aditya and I, are here at the GVK One- one of the best shopping malls in the city and also the nearest to our place.

No, we didn’t go to Inorbit for the weekend movie or lunch, because it’s far far away from our place and Pratap is still too young to be taken to such big and crowded malls. (GVK One is no bad either! I’m happy we’re at least out!)

We have parked our car at P3 level and are still inside it!

No, I’m not tidying my hair! Pratap is crying and needs to be fed! Another fifteen minutes to go! (His hunger deserves to win over my hair, given a choice!)

Whoa! The mall looks lovely, dazzling and inviting. I can see young babes and handsome hunks, ramp walking as they go around the mall!

But what is really catching my attention is mothers with small babies, who are smiling at us as they pass by, and whom I smile back at, with a feeling of empathy, more than sympathy! 

(Well…babies are cute, aren’t they?)

l love the super cool stores here- Kalanjali, Mebaz, Shoppers Stop, Pepes, Diesel, Allen Solly…How about buying a cool pair of slip-ons from Catwalk?

Wait a sec! Mothercare?!?!?!? Cool! Let me check out some stuff for Pratap…

…awesome collection! Shall visit again soon! Aditya will have to hold the shopping bags and diaper bag as well! Poor fellow…I mean, Poor Papa!

(But, am so so so excited about the clothes and toys I got for him! Waiting to see him wear those!Ah! Feels so satisfying!)

We are now indulging ourselves in some window shopping and trying to enjoy as much as we can!

‘Trying’ to enjoy, because we are sitting in the waiting area on the ground floor and window shopping from here itself! Whoosh! Neither of us is left with any energy to go for that walk-at-the-mall with a baby in our arms! Wish these guys provided ‘Prams on Rent’ like others do!

(Well, sitting here and watching the passers-by is no bad idea either! It’s a new feeling, you know! I can at least chat at length with Aditya here!)

Damn! Both of us need to visit the washroom! Ok! Ladies first!

I can see young, beautiful girls in front of the mirror, giggling at some girlie joke as they tidy their hair and touch up their makeup.

I don’t have any girl friends to joke with nor any makeup on my face to touch up. I just have a minute to finish my stuff and rush out to hold Pratap, so here I go!

(Does hair or makeup really matter? What matters is that my baby should be back in my arms soon! Hate to be away from him!)

Waiting for Aditya to finish. I can see the food court in a distance with young couples and groups of friends chatting away to glory with their coffee, sub or sundae in hand!

Even we are a young couple, but we aren’t chatting away to glory with our burger or french fries in hand! We are just counting minutes on our watch- minutes left for us to reach home before Pratap starts asking to be fed again!

(Once again, his hunger deserves to win over our hunger, given a choice! So, it’s time to go!)

All said and done, it was refreshing enough to visit the mall. It was surely special because it was Pratap’s first visit to a mall and a totally new and different experience for me!

It was the same old mall, but, just a different day! A specially different one!


Murphy’s Law and Babies

Following are 7 ways in which babies follow Murphy’s Law religiously:

Habit 1: Poop in the fresh diaper, soon after you change the dirty one!

Habit 2: Cry and asks for feed, the moment you get seated and start for any place in the car!

Habit 3: Refuse to sleep on nights on which you are the most tired!

Habit 4: Completely refuse to smile at others, whenever you confidently claim that your baby smiles when asked to!

Habit 5: Puke on you, the day you wear a new dress!

Habit 6: Start to cry, the moment you enter the washroom for bath!

Habit 7: Love crying the most, when you sit to have your meals!

Whoa! What amazingly disciplined babies do we have!


9 Reasons Why Babies Cry

True to popular belief, it shatters a mother’s heart to see her baby cry; no matter what the reason is – No! Matter! What!

Being a mother to a 2-month old child, rather, being a 2-month old mother; has made me efficient enough to blog on the various reasons due to which babies cry.
Presenting before you, my analysis- Continue reading