Murphy’s Law and Babies

Following are 7 ways in which babies follow Murphy’s Law religiously:

Habit 1: Poop in the fresh diaper, soon after you change the dirty one!

Habit 2: Cry and asks for feed, the moment you get seated and start for any place in the car!

Habit 3: Refuse to sleep on nights on which you are the most tired!

Habit 4: Completely refuse to smile at others, whenever you confidently claim that your baby smiles when asked to!

Habit 5: Puke on you, the day you wear a new dress!

Habit 6: Start to cry, the moment you enter the washroom for bath!

Habit 7: Love crying the most, when you sit to have your meals!

Whoa! What amazingly disciplined babies do we have!

Comments, please!

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