Top 10 Things To Pack In Your Diaper Bag

Hello Mummas!

diaper bag

Have you ever been really nervous and stressed just before going out with your newborn. Packing up for the baby, getting ready yourself, getting things in place and what not- I know it is tiring! Ah!

I remember, when my son was a newborn baby and if my husband made a spontaneous plan of an ice cream party at the nearby joint – it would get me on my toes till the moment we locked the house door.

Thankfully, my son has outgrown the ‘Oh-where’s-the-diaper-bag’ age, so I’m pretty relaxed at that end when it comes to outings now. But, I very well understand the plight of new Mommies who have to get the diaper bag in place before leaving the house.

So, here’s my very own and special Top 10 checklist for all you new Mommies out there. Just save it in your smart phone, or print and stick it in the baby’s nursery. I bet you’ll love it and it’ll come really handy when you think of stepping out with your LO. Continue reading