Top 10 1st-Birthday Gift Ideas

Congratulate me Mummas! I recently celebrated my little prince’s 1st birthday and trust me it was more than awesome! The red and white theme worked the best and thankfully the 1st year flashback AV I made worked out well too! The food was finger-licking yummy and the balloons and the music added to the charm of the party.

My takeaway from the party?

*A happy son with lots of pictures as sweet 1st birthday memories

*A satisfied ‘Me’ on having had a celebration almost similar to the one I had dreamt of

*Cake, leftover food and balloons!

*Gifts! Gifts! Gifts!

Oh Yes! Just like any other birthday boy would get, Pratap too got lots of sweet, good and useful gifts, giving me the inspiration and idea for this post of mine! Listing down the Top 10 1st Birthday gift ideas for all you ladies to remember and make use of:

  1. Toys: A very enjoyable gift for the kid. Good with all budgets, choices, brands and comes in endless varieties.
  2. High Chair: A very useful piece of furniture, one that the baby can use upto the age of 36 months.
  3. Tricycle: One year old babies outgrow strollers after some time and so tricycles rock, totally!
  4. Walker: If the birthday baby hasn’t started walking yet, then this is one of the best and most useful gifts.
  5. Cash: A no-nonsense gift, which leaves to the parents of the baby to decide what to buy!
  6. Clothes: An all time favorite gift of all and for all, Just make sure that you keep in mind the season of the birthday month as well as buy a size bigger than the actual one, because babies outgrow clothes real fast.
  7. Silver or Gold Ornaments: Depending on your budget and closeness of the relationship, these can be of real value to the birthday baby.
  8. Personalised Items: How about a t-shirt, pillow, feeding bottle or cap with the baby’s cute pic and a happy birthday message printed on it? Give it a try!
  9. A year long supply of diapers and baby food or formula: Did I make you laugh? Trust me! The parents of the baby won’t be able to thank you enough for this!
  10. A surprise birthday party!The baby and her parents will cherish this for life, through photos and videos and you will be the ‘hero’ of their baby’s life!

Try your hand at these cool ideas of gifting and share with me your experiences in the comments box below, when you see the joy on the face of the birthday boy or birthday girl!

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