5 Most Natural Super Foods For Your Child

As a mother, all of us are worried all the time about anything and everything that our child eats. No matter how much our child weighs, all of us have come across a nightmare of an underweight kid at some or the other point in our motherhood (and I know it started right from pregnancy!). 

Food and nutrition is such an important aspect of a child’s life that there’s no way or reason due to which one can overlook it. It gotta be taken care of, no matter what!

Thumb Rule?

Never forget these FOUR:

  1. Dairy

  2. Protein

  3. Fruits & Vegetables

  4. Carbohydrates

No, I don’t intend to sound like the science teacher of a 6th grader, but yes! This is what they are supposed to eat anyway.

What I’m going to share with you today is 5 natural super foods for your kid (suitable for all ages), that I swear by and try to give to my kid almost daily.

So, allow me to elaborate and present to you the “Super FIVE”:

  • Milk: I believe milk is like a one-stop shop! If nothing works, milk will! It has just about everything and is the primary and the best source of dairy for kids. It makes their bones strong and is a super food for the long run. 

Being Mumma says: Try not to add sugar or any other supplements to your child’s milk. Keep it as plain and as close to nature as possible.

  • Eggs: Boiled, scrambled, in the form of an omelette or as any other recipe, do wonders. They are an excellent source of fats and proteins and can help your little one gain strength and weight.

Being Mumma says: Try giving egg to your child in a different form daily. Sunny side up, scrambled, egg toast, hard-boiled or half-boiled egg; you have lots of scope with this one!

  • Banana: I feel it’s a whole food. One medium-size banana down my son’s system and am done for that meal! I feel so satisfied and can rest assured that he’s gobbled up some healthy calories. They are great when it comes to digestion, calcium and strength.

Being Mumma says: Feed a banana to your child mostly on an empty stomach. It is said to be a good cleanser and will cleanse the system as it travels down to its destination.

  • Oats: Oats are just so simple and easy to cook and are packed with nutrients, energy and all the good stuff that’s on your list. You can add fruits, dry fruits, vegetables, milk, cream or anything else that goes well with it and serve it to your little one. You can experiment like hell with oats and they taste great with sugar as well as with salt. 

Being Mumma says: Try powdering the oats in a mixer in order to feed it easily to your child. You can add ghee (clarified butter) to oats for extra calories or cook them in milk for an enhanced taste. 


  • Cucumber: This greenie green is full of water and helps your kid stay well hydrated all the time. You can serve it as salad, simply cut it into pieces or make a chaat out of it. There’s usually no reason for kids to dislike cucumber and it works well 8 out of 10 times.

Being Mumma says: When kids are suffering from a stuffy nose, they hate to sip on water and thus end up getting dehydrated. Cucumbers come real handy and help save your child from getting dehydrated, which can take a very bad shape if not dealt with on time.

This is my list of the Top 5 most natural super foods for children. I’m sure, you too have one! Why not share it in the box below, for all to benefit?

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