Must Haves For Your Baby’s 1st Year

Pratap is now about to complete the 14th month of his wonderful life and this has largely inspired me to post stuff about the first year of his life. Apart from the mental strength, physical stamina, finances, resources and love that you need to pull through the first year of your child’s life, there are a host of materialistic things that fit in the list of the 1st year Must-Haves!

Listing down for you those that I think are not the regular ones…

  • Baby Bed: I won’t suggest a crib, because my son co-slept with us (and still does) through the 1st year and so we didn’t buy or use one. Moreover, I feel a crib is a very space-taking piece of furniture which doesn’t seem to be very useful once the baby outgrows it. A baby bed can be kept on your own bed, in the car, on the floor, on the sofa, in the pram – just about anywhere and occupies hardly any space. The best thing? It comes with an attached mosquito net (which is like a big time must have in India!) which gets really useful on mosquity-nights!

  • Portable Bath Tub: For the 1st three months my son found my legs and the nanny’s the most secure place to lie down on for a bath. After that, this portable bath tub helped me a lot. I would just make my son lie down in it, without having the risk of him slipping out of my hands or burning himself with the water or drowning and so on. A very safe, handy and trendy must have on my list!

  • Quick Dry Sheet: Quick Dry Sheet by Mee Mee which can be bought here is an excellent thing to save you all the mess. Trust me, it can absorb tons of water and leave the place absolutely dry. Whether you’re changing her diaper or she’s just out of bath-all wet and watery – it’s the right thing to put under her cute little tush and can be used for at least upto 3 years of age! Easy to wash and dry, this one is a personal favorite due to all the troubles it saved me from!

  • Aspirator: It gets really tough for new parents, especially Mummas to hear their baby cry due to cold and cough unable to explain her plight. Babies are the most vulnerable when it comes to cold and cough. Aspirator helps a lot to suck out all the snot from the baby’s nose and relieve the  baby instantly!

  • Stroller or Pram: Works best no matter how old your baby is! You can make your baby sleep during the day in the pram and carry him with you to the kitchen, verandah, garden or wherever. And of course it is the best to take your baby out for a stroll.

  • Baby Carrier: A baby carrier gets very useful when you have lots to do but have only two hands. Rediscover your hands with a baby carrier. Hug your baby to sleep or hold him tight while doing the laundry, cooking or walking to the nearest grocery store – all with the help of a baby carrier.

These are my not-so-regular must haves for your baby’s 1st year. How about you? What tops the list of your must-haves? Did you find them here or were they left out? Why don’t you add them to this, in the comments box below? Let me know what you think 🙂

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