Guest Post: 5 Ways To Impart Values To Children

Today’s Guest Post is by Mrs. Gokula Lakshmi.

‘Being Mumma’ is the best thing to have happened to me and so there can be no better place for me to post my first ever blog. Thanks to Pranita.

Being a mother of three, an 8 year old boy and 1.5 years old twin girls, has been the most gratifying experience. A thought very often crosses my mind that regardless of what the future holds for me, I will always be grateful to my children for taking me through a galore of the most beautiful experiences ever, to say the least!

Every moment I spend watching them grow, I see different personalities shining through each one of them, each beautiful in his/her own way! And then I realize that God has given us parents such a significant task of moulding these little ones into responsible adults. So among everything we provide for our children, one of the most important aspects of parenting is imparting values.

What are “values”? In my view values are deep rooted ethics which are cemented in our belief system based on our cultural and environmental influences. We feel obligated to pass them on to our children without which we feel that we haven’t done our jobs as parents. Children imbibe the positives and negatives of our value system by virtue of being closely associated with us.

Every generation of children live in a gradually changing era which is quite different than that of their parents. And every generation of parents, on their part, grapple with the challenges that are thrown at them. Children are influenced by so many factors like family, school, friends, television, raging hormones, peer pressure, etc. As a mother I want to always protect my children from all the negative influences and I know that it is practically impossible. But what I can do is equip my children with values which will be a part of the way they lead their lives.

Here are 5 tried and tested ways that I feel can help us in raising children and can have a positive influence on them: Continue reading


Guest Post: Teaching Your Kids To Be Eco Friendly

Today’s Guest Post is by Mrs. Shanon Gilberg.

When it comes to nature, it is needless to say that nowadays there have been many discussions on the question ‘How to preserve our planet and how to live environmentally friendly’. Even if you do not consider yourself an eco-friendly person, you may want to contribute by taking part in some activities that can contribute to this idea. However, if your busy working schedule does not allow you to do this, you can still do something, especially if you have children. Educating children on the attitude towards nature is more than an important lesson. In fact it is an essential one, for establishing the right habits, while they are young.

There are many lessons to teach your kids on how to protect the environment but you need to devote some of your time to discuss all these things with them. They would love to listen, once you attract their attention. You will be amazed to understand that most children are very keen on eco friendly ideas, especially if you show them that you have trusted them. Here are some fresh suggestions from TidyCleaning London. Continue reading


Dealing With Anxiety In Children

We all have a host of ‘What-ifs’ going on in our heads all the time, despite being adults. It gets worse with children as their ‘What-ifs’ are significantly larger in number than ours and are more disturbing for them. After all, they are children and they have no idea how to deal with this.

All they have with them is…..YOU!

You as a mother, or as a parent, are supposed to find out if your child is dealing with an anxiety disorder and help her deal with it.

Check out my post on how you can successfully support your child find a way through this disorder and help her calm down her anxious self.


5 Best Oils For Your Baby’s Skin

Soon after you have your newborn in your hands, do the other concerns and worries start pouring in. Feeding, sleeping, pooping, diapering and MASSAGING!

My son enjoyed the first ever massage of his life, when he was 4 days old and not before that. (I still remember, the day my Mom massaged him and bathed him, my baby slept like a baby – four hours straight!).

She massaged him with the regular olive oil and that is how it went on for days. A few weeks later, one of our neighbours suggested us to use coconut oil for the simple reason that it enhances the complexion of the baby (and who doesn’t want a baby with a good complexion?) so we immediately switched to coconut oil.

Since my son was born in September; December and winters along with it set in, just a few days after we started using the coconut oil. My son’s great grand mother happened to call us then and suggested stopping the use of coconut oil as it is believed to be of a cold tendency, so we switched to Mustard Oil for winters and the worst is yet to come!

Using mustard oil let to darkening of the baby’s skin and for one more time, we changed the massage oil and switched to Sesame oil! Sounds funny, right?

Unbelievably, that’s exactly what I went through in the past one year (talking about oils) and just to save you Mommies from the hassle of selecting the best oils for your baby, I decided to share details of all these massage oils with you.

Check them out… Continue reading


Homemade Cerelac (Indian Style)

Did you feel sunken and low the last time you bought that pack of Cerelac or Farex for your infant? Do you hate to feed pre-packaged stuff to your baby, but feel that you are left with no choice? Are you looking for something natural and home-made? Then here’s the solution! Continue reading


Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

Mindfulness was a very new and different concept to me, before I became a mother. I had no idea how one could use it for one’s kids for good. Only after I read and did some research on the world wide web, about it, did I educate myself and came up with a post on it.

Sharing it with all Mums on Being Mumma! as an addition to our Mumma Mondays’ bank…

Learn everything about mindfulness, its benefits and how to teach it to your kids in this post of mine.

Do let me know your views about it as soon as you’re done reading and trying it out!