Dealing With Anxiety In Children

We all have a host of ‘What-ifs’ going on in our heads all the time, despite being adults. It gets worse with children as their ‘What-ifs’ are significantly larger in number than ours and are more disturbing for them. After all, they are children and they have no idea how to deal with this.

All they have with them is…..YOU!

You as a mother, or as a parent, are supposed to find out if your child is dealing with an anxiety disorder and help her deal with it.

Check out my post on how you can successfully support your child find a way through this disorder and help her calm down her anxious self.

One thought on “Dealing With Anxiety In Children

  1. it is very simple ! just do mediation & yoga on daily basis.. I am telling this from my own experience, in my teenage I was facing lots of problems. one of my friend suggested to do yoga & mediation on a daily basis, i have started doing yoga & mediation with some nice fragrance & sply like Cycle incense sticks, It helps to keep myself calm & awake… I am suggesting this to all mothers to teach to their children, try this out & let me know 🙂


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