Guest Post: Teaching Your Kids To Be Eco Friendly

Today’s Guest Post is by Mrs. Shanon Gilberg.

When it comes to nature, it is needless to say that nowadays there have been many discussions on the question ‘How to preserve our planet and how to live environmentally friendly’. Even if you do not consider yourself an eco-friendly person, you may want to contribute by taking part in some activities that can contribute to this idea. However, if your busy working schedule does not allow you to do this, you can still do something, especially if you have children. Educating children on the attitude towards nature is more than an important lesson. In fact it is an essential one, for establishing the right habits, while they are young.

There are many lessons to teach your kids on how to protect the environment but you need to devote some of your time to discuss all these things with them. They would love to listen, once you attract their attention. You will be amazed to understand that most children are very keen on eco friendly ideas, especially if you show them that you have trusted them. Here are some fresh suggestions from TidyCleaning London.

Saving Water

This comes as the first and the simplest rule. Teach your children to save water and to turn off the tap, every time they brush their teeth. In this way a lot of water can be saved. It is true that kids are often distracted, even when they are in the bathroom but if they do this each morning and evening, soon this will become a well known habit and the chance to forget to turn off the tap reduces a lot.

Planting their Own Tree

To live eco-friendly also means to do something to ameliorate the cycle of nature. And planting a tree is more than a wonderful idea to teach your children to be responsible and to look after their favourite tree. Explain to them the significance of this activity and encourage them to lend you a helping hand in the process. Choose an appropriate place in your garden and tell the kids that this is an appropriate way to contribute to the preserving of the environment.

Recycling and Reusing

These are very important aspects for the protection of the environment. Make sure that your kids understand in the right way the significance of the recycling and reusing. You can teach the kids how to reduce waste by using eco friendly bags. Take the kids with you when you do the shopping and supply them with reusable lunchbox and reusable water bottle which they can  take at school. Another great idea is to tell them not to throw away their toys but to donate them or to give them to some of their friends.

Explain the children that it is more than essential to preserve the nature and keep it clean of all the garbage. You can buy a book which you can read to them every day and teach them how to contribute to this process. If everyone strives to clean the garbage and to make more for the proper recycling; full protection of the environment may become possible. The first step, however, is to educate our children that they need to respect the nature and follow certain rules to protect it effectively.

We hope that we have helped you to learn new ways in which to teach your children to take care of the nature. Show your creative skills as a parent, and soon you will see that your kids are even more dedicated to this idea, than you can imagine.


shanonMrs. Shanon Gilborg is trying to improve her family’s lifestyle by living a bit more in the eco- friendly way. She writes about parenting, home improvement and beauty.

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