What I Learnt From Our 1st Visit To The Zoo

Last weekend, my son got blessed with his first ever trip to a Zoo. We were out for some work and suddenly the idea of visiting the zoo clicked us from nowhere. Summers are just setting in, at Hyderabad and thus we thought that no other month other than February could be cooler to visit the zoo. So, the trip was absolutely unplanned and still we managed to make the most of it! Sharing with you some pics and my learning from the wonderful trip we had! Continue reading


Helping Your Child Socialize

“What is your name?”

“Where’s Mumma?”

“Come to me, I’ll give you a chocolate!”

“Do you want to play with this red football?, come let’s do it together!”

“Do you know Johnny Johnny Yes Papa!”

These are the regular questions, remarks, comments that a kid often comes across when he meets strangers. Many kids shy away and refuse to answer, hiding behind their mother and many others are more than happy to answer these questions!

Shyness in children and their refusal to socialize easily and comfortably often worries and troubles us. We all ‘secretly’ wish and want our kids to be tagged as a “smart kid” who answers all questions, recites all poems she knows, smiles when she meets people and is comfortable in public places. And it’s not just about our secret wishes and wants but also about the benefit that kids derive from socializing. If they are open to socializing, they:

  • Become more independent individuals and open up faster
  • Expose themselves to all kind of people in the society and learn the reality of life sooner
  • Learn to share with others (Be it their toys, food, books etc.)
  • Develop a better understanding of what is right and wrong
  • Develop interest in different aspects of life, like arts, sports, people etc.
  • Do not grow rigid and gradually learn to adjust with whatever comes their way
  • Develop important qualities like having patience; being caring, loving, sacrificing, communicating frankly etc

However, if we put ourselves in the shoes of our kid, we would realize that it is very pressurizing for a child to be the ideal we want her to be. In such a case, we need to help our kids become comfortable with strangers (only to a safe extent) and help them part away with their shyness and refusal to socialize.

Here are a few steps we can take to help our child grow out of the shield of shyness that he holds and shed the cocoon naturally: Continue reading


Easy 5-minute Nail Art

This weekend I could manage to get some Me-time and thought of trying out something I had never tried before!

A change of nail polish was long over due and I thought I should try my hand at nail art. 

I didn’t have any paint brushes, sticker tapes,motifs or other cool stuff required to make a nail art attempt successful. In fact I didn’t even have the slightest of practice of using the brush in any way other than the regular!

Nevertheless, I just began painting my nails sportingly and thought I will undo it in the wink of an eye if my attempt fails! To my surprise, it turned out to be pretty cool (if seen from the perspective of a Newbie like me!).

Sharing the steps with all Mummas so that even they can enjoy a self-done nail art (that gets done in exactly 5 minutes) at the comfort of their home!

I used:

  • Nail paint remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Q-tips 
  • Nail polish shades
    • Lakme True Wear Nail Color Metallics 040 IMG_20150215_163725
    • Lakme Color Crush truewear 21 IMG_20150215_163828
    • Lakme Color Crush truewear 45 IMG_20150215_163756

What I did:

  • I simply removed my old nail paint using cotton and nail paint remover.
  • Then painted a diagonal line with Lakme Color Crush 21, followed by one with Color Crush 45 and finally ended with Lakme True Wear Nail Color Metallics 040.
  • I didn’t use any sticker tapes (as one is supposed to) as I didn’t really have much idea nor the patience to use them. I repeatedly kept wiping extra paint off my cuticles, using Q-tips dipped in nail paint remover.

It eventually turned out quite well and looked like this…


I went for the simplest design to begin with and did realize at the end that I could have done a neater job, had I used tapes.IMG_20150215_162358

It was an awesome experience nevertheless and kind of energized me up for no reason! I am now looking forward to trying newer designs using motifs, tapes, stencils, bobby pins etc.

Do drop in your unique ideas to do such nail art at home using the minimum possible things and finishing up in hardly five minutes!


4 Kid Websites You Can’t Afford To Miss

All mothers have one favorite website when it comes to looking up solutions to problems, buying clothes, ordering diapering essentials at high discounts and sending gifts online to their baby’s friends…

Here’s my favorite list of 4 websites you can’t afford to miss as a mother! These are not just for shopping your kiddie stuff but covers almost everything that you would need as a mother.

  • Baby Center

Baby Center is one website that has been with me since even before I conceived. It took me through my TTC phase,conception, pregnancy, childbirth and practically just about everything. Baby center is one website which has saved me a lot of doctor trips and those nights which would have otherwise been filled with fear and worry!

It has forums, articles, questions, answers, tips and everything that you can practically think of when it comes to Mommying and babyhood! Whether you are a mother to be, a new mom, have an infant, a toddler or an older kid, this one’s surely your one stop shop!

  • First Cry

First Cry is the most exhaustive website that I have come across when it comes to shopping for your baby. Diapers, clothes, food, furniture, gifts, toys – you name it and they have it! It comes up with really good offers every now and then which are genuinely good and not just sugar coated. My son’s first sippy cup, first food feeder, first bibs, first sweater is all from First Cry! One of my besties works here which makes it all the more cool!

  • Baby Oye!

This is in very close competition with First Cry. This website is also full of variety and items that a new mom and baby would need. Their sale is on for most time of the year and one can grab cool discounts and products at good prices. My first diaper bag was a result of baby oye’s awesome sale days!

  • Hopscotch

I came across this one quite a few months after I became a mother. But when I did, I kind of already started regretting having found it so late. The clothes’ collection that you would find on Hopscotch is class apart, though slightly on the expensive side, I love the classy taste that its collection has. I love the accessories that this site sports as they are not the regular ones and are totally the first in fashion world!

Which are your favorite websites when it comes to your children?