5 Things No One Tells You About Being A Mother

No matter how much ever planned and expected your pregnancy is, no matter how much you were dying to give birth to your little one and no matter how much of reading you did to prepare yourself for motherhood, there still are and there will always be a few things that will take you by surprise. Here are the ones I think no one really tells you about motherhood or about being a mother, and the ones I discovered only after I jumped into the boat: Continue reading


Top 5 Surprises That Come With New Motherhood

If you can stay awake almost all night yet wake up with a smile to the coos and gurgles of your baby, smell your baby’s tush for poop, have a puke on your new t-shirt (and still be okay about it) or have tears of joy in your eyes when your baby tries to make the first effort to roll over – then you are a new mother who has just started the wonderful journey of motherhood.

They say, motherhood is the best adventure you can ever experience as it is more-than-full of surprises. Every day unfolds a new gift of unexpected yet fulfilling events that surprise you with every passing moment. All mothers eventually experience all kind of surprises out of which the top 5 are: Continue reading