Top 5 Surprises That Come With New Motherhood

If you can stay awake almost all night yet wake up with a smile to the coos and gurgles of your baby, smell your baby’s tush for poop, have a puke on your new t-shirt (and still be okay about it) or have tears of joy in your eyes when your baby tries to make the first effort to roll over – then you are a new mother who has just started the wonderful journey of motherhood.

They say, motherhood is the best adventure you can ever experience as it is more-than-full of surprises. Every day unfolds a new gift of unexpected yet fulfilling events that surprise you with every passing moment. All mothers eventually experience all kind of surprises out of which the top 5 are:

  • You grow into a responsible lady overnight

All of us knew, even before becoming a parent, that parenthood would be saturated with responsibilities. What is surprising is, the responsible person it turns us into. Overnight, trust me, overnight, one becomes a responsible parent shunning off all carelessness and painting oneself as a responsible and matured adult for life. The best thing about this surprise: you love this new self of yours.

  • You suffer with a long term memory loss, forgetting your own self completely

Earlier, a single chocolate cookie left in the snack box tempted you to chomp it off before anyone else in the house caught hold of it. But now as a new parent, you reflexively think about your baby before anything or anyone else. You literally forget your own self and think about your baby in every decision you take, speak softly if she is asleep, eat just enough so that she can eat sufficiently and even breathe just enough so that he gets all the oxygen in the world. You become absolutely selfless as you love this new self (read your baby) more than anything else in the universe.

  • You seem to have had a decoction of Superman, Batman and He Man’s powers

Surprisingly high energy levels and increased activity come complimentary with new parenthood. Even after having slept for just 4 hours in the night, you will be up on your feet the next morning to massage and bathe your baby only to see him doze off cosily in his crib. Diaper changes every other hour and sitting upright to feed the baby at odd hours of the day seem to be a piece of cake to you and you thoroughly relish every bite of it.

  • You are full of respect for whoever you come across

Didn’t poorly coordinated clothes and accessories made you curl your lips earlier? Things change with the newly arrived bundle of joy. Unkempt eyebrows give you the thought that the mother might have been really busy to visit a salon. A mother wanting the father to take care of the kid while she awaits her turn at the paediatrician; now tells you that the mother might be considering the trip to the doctor as a mini vacation. Your new-in-the-market parenthood seeds a great deal of respect in your heart for other parents and this makes you more thoughtful and kind.

  • It becomes hard for you to believe that you ever were honeymooners

With new motherhood comes a new life in your life. You no more watch first-day-first-show movies, you still sleep late but get up surprisingly early, you don’t even remember the last time you had Maggie and ice cream for dinner, you choose a 30 min nap over a romantic long drive and last but not at all the least – you go online to order diapers and not cosmetics or clothes anymore!

It is these sweet surprises that make motherhood so interesting, dynamic and exciting. No single day is similar to the other and that defines best how surprising new motherhood is.

What about motherhood surprised you the most? Share with me in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Surprises That Come With New Motherhood

  1. I can map out every single one of my child’s freckles and when she gets a new one- I notice it. I didn’t see that level of awareness coming! My husband could have a beard for 20 years and then shave it and I would hardly notice so this is odd for me!

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