5 Things No One Tells You About Being A Mother

No matter how much ever planned and expected your pregnancy is, no matter how much you were dying to give birth to your little one and no matter how much of reading you did to prepare yourself for motherhood, there still are and there will always be a few things that will take you by surprise. Here are the ones I think no one really tells you about motherhood or about being a mother, and the ones I discovered only after I jumped into the boat:

1. You will never ever find time for your partner again. You will still go out for long drives, coffee dates, shopping sprees, night walks and morning jogs but they will not feel the same. You will either be sneaking out of your house when your kid’s asleep or will be handing her over to someone (with a good amount of guilt about doing so) as you make plans about enjoying an outing with your partner.

2. Your outings will be limited to kid friendly places only.
While making plans for vacations, you’ll search for kid friendly places that are not too far away from your city of residence. While planning for short trips on weekends, you’ll prefer going to zoos and museums rather than pubs and discotheques.

3. You will never get to sleep in. In the first few months after your baby comes, it will be your baby who will wake you up every few hours for feeding, so sleeping in will be a dream, because getting regular sleep will be more of a priority. And in the later months and years to come, sleeping in will become all the more difficult because it would be your child’s school or day care or swimming classes or dance classes or Yoga classes or anything-anything-anything that will definitely make you wake up early.

4. Your food habits will be in for a rude-yet-healthy shock. You will find yourself drinking milk twice a day (which you otherwise hated), you will have fruits every day, you will drink a lot of water and there is a good deal of possibility that your tummy might temporarily get converted into a trash can, where all the leftover from your child’s plate would be very obviously and conveniently dumped into.

5. Cleaning poop would be your full-time job, for years altogether. You might find people offering you help to feed your child, entertain and engage him, dress and undress him, drop her to her playschool and put her to sleep! But, no one, trust me, practically no one, will offer you help to clean his poop diapers and only you would be given the special privilege and honor to be the ‘poop-cleaner’.

Agree with me? Don’t forget to leave comments if you do!

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