Post-Baby Body Changes I Hate, Yet Love!

The best and the most pleasant compliment that I often get since I became a mother is,

“You haven’t changed at all! You look all the same!”.

My response? I smile and die a little more inside. Yes! I really DIE every time I hear this, because instead of making me happy I feel like I’ve just been hit in the face yet again.

These compliments, these reactions of friends and relatives only remind me that although I haven’t changed at all on the outside, I’m totally a different person on the inside; and by inside I mean not just mentally but more physically.

Here’s what my post-baby body got me and here’s what you too should get prepared for in case you’re expecting a baby or have just become a mother:

  • HairMy hair that was once thick, full and wavy is now dull, lifeless and running away from me- I mean, I’m losing hair at a rate that can’t even be counted. I had long hair during pregnancy and before that,but now I’ve cut them short to hide the embarrassment.
  • SkinThe skin that needed no make-up before baby and was always smooth and of an even tone now depresses me when I take a close look at it. Sleepless nights have gifted me dark circles, hormonal changes have brought in lots of pimples; and pimples from the past months have left marks on my face for inexplicable reasons and skin tone? Oh! Let’s not talk about it!
  • Twin AssetsThe twin assets that usually make a woman feel fuller and young are now tired and sagging due to feeding and need regular exercise (for which I don’t have time) to get back to their original shape.
  • Body WeightI was kind of afraid of not being able to shed my extra weight (added due to pregnancy) and always thought I would be a fatso after I have a baby. But things were totally different when time passed. My current weight is even lower than my pre-pregnancy weight and every other day I am looking online for ‘home remedies to put on weight’.
  • Back acheKneading the dough, cutting vegetables, cleaning my toddler after a poop or even bathing him – are simple daily tasks that give me a terrible backache. Sleeping with pillow or without pillow, back massages, hot water baths all seem to be of no use and of no help to treat this. Yes! I do google ‘exercises to treat back ache’.
  • HeelsIt is so hard to believe that I now have cracked heels. Feet and heels which are the poorly visible part of a lady’s body were, for me, the ones which happened to bagged compliments! Now I am just found wondering if it is dryness or lack of care or hell what that has caused these cracked heels!
  • StaminaThis one should actually top the list because it is not even number 1, it is zero! Yes! I am left with zero stamina. I pant if I run for 10 secs at a stretch. I feel giddy soon after I sit down (even for 5 secs) and get up. I feel sleepy all the time, no matter how much I sleep. I always secretly wish someone finished my chores as a loving favor to me!

So there has been so much that has happened to my body (and must have happened to yours or will soon happen) which will make you miss your pre-pregnancy body.

But, do you know the best part about it? The best part about it is the feeling of hating and loving it at the same time! Let me tell you how…

My skin and hair: Yes, they are not the same anymore.But, who anyway has the time to wear hairstyles and makeup? My hair smells of ice cream and butter and my skin is doodled with ball point pen marks!

Twin Assets:There are very very few losses that are irreparable! Of course, there are good brands available in the market, “that do with cotton, what God has forgotten!”

Body Weight: Work in Progress. I am trying my best to put on. I should look at ladies who have really huge bodies that have expanded in all dimensions since they had a baby and be thankful to my body’s tendency of not gaining weight easily!

Back Ache: I will wait till it gets fine on its own, but till then I’m just trying to use different postures to do my regular work.

Cracked Heels: Just a good foot brush and a cracked heels’ repair cream applied and left overnight-does the trick!

Stamina: This one’s gone for sure, but it’s given me a wonderful feeling nevertheless. How? Many-a-times, when I’m dead tired, right in the middle of the night, in deep sleep – when my child cries, I wake up in an instant and draw him close and tight towards me and see to his needs there and then. He gets soothed only by my attention to him and this feeling at that moment is the most rewarding one.

So, all in all everything’s changed, but all for good-in some way or the other!pranitasohony_1411978466_82

They say I’ve lost weight,

I say I’ve gained motherhood! 

5 thoughts on “Post-Baby Body Changes I Hate, Yet Love!

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  2. When I gain or lose weight since having a baby, it’s in totally different spots than it used to be, too! So weird! Also, my hair got back to normal after about a year… here’s hoping. And yeah, motherhood is so worth it all, isn’t it?

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