My Top 10 Achievements As a Mom

Here are my top 10 achievements of the year and all the hard work and the pain I had to go through to make them happen…

  1. Sleepless in SeattleSleep deprived I can write an exam even if I have not slept at all the previous night! All thanks to my son, because of whom I no longer remember what ‘a good night’s sleep’ is and I definitely do not remember what you mean by ‘afternoon naps’!
  2. Fashion Free:I manage to dress up sanely! Surely, I don’t wear one pieces with Yoga pants and gum boots with Indian dresses. I dress up simply and decent enough to look like my head’s not been blown off by my pre-schooler! That’s because I don’t try to be smart at all and my best fashion advice to moms is to: ”Dress Up!” Wearing clothes on your body is more important than wearing fashionable clothes.
  3. Nutri-Nugget: I am a self-made nutritionist now! Earlier, I’d heard about carbohydrates and proteins only in the 5th grade, but now I am a living calorie chart and nutrition chart of every single morsel that goes down my son’s throat! Do I really need to explain how I got here?
  4. Grocery Goat: I have had several grocery shopping trips without my toddler breaking any glass bottles or throwing fruits and veggies on the floor! That’s because I visit stores when he’s sleeping, so that I can put him in his pram and shop sanely. Otherwise I tuck him tight into the trolley’s baby carrier and make him window shop as I actually shop!
  5. Bathroom Babe:I have had close to 5 pee sessions and 7 showers without any disturbances in the past year! That’s because either my kid was sleeping at that moment or was taking a shower with me, embarrassingly staring at me – almost like he’s checking me out! 😀
  6. Workaholic Mumma: I am a working-from-home Mom. Yes! That is counted as an achievement! Though most of the times I end up working ‘for’ home – cleaning his dirty diapers, giving him milk or snacks to munch on and patiently tolerating the gurgles and coos coming from the baby channels as I put my writing skills to a test!
  7. Not-so-Late Lady: Every Sunday I’m off to my meditation session at 06.45 am and 9 out of 10 times I’m not late! That’s because this guy is sleeping when I leave the house – so I have no bath, no poop, no feeding worries! I just keep his diaper bag and clothes prepared from the previous night, grab hold of this fast asleep little devil and just step out of the house!
  8. Tidy Tidings: I don’t have toys scattered all over the house! That’s because I’ve dumped all his toys in a play pen which is why I don’t need to arrange them again and again. That play pen is also not a real play pen but an inflatable pool which is doubling up for this cute toy storage!
  9. Smart smartphone: My phone is still working! Yes, it does feel like an achievement because it has been thrown onto the floor with all force and will by my toddler, almost a fifty times in the past one year and it is still alive! Not to mention, the body is full of scratches, it has a crack that gets revealed when you remove the battery and because of that crack there’s lots of dust entering the screen from behind – but, it is still working!
  10. Fine Fishing: I have given up all shyness and awkwardness and am a bold and courageous lady now! How can I not be one? After all it does need boldness and courage to pull out 3 balls, 1 underwear, 2 hair combs,a pair of socks, a metallic showpiece and numerous bath toys from the commode drain!

Am I good enough to be called a Super Mom now?

Comments, please!

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