13 Brand New Advice To Brand New Moms!

Hello New Mummas!

Recently, I have been getting a lot of queries from new Mummas and thought of doing a post for them – a post to help them get through those first few days or weeks of motherhood.

Here are 13 of my tips and advice, churned purely out of experience:

  1. Sleep Monster: Sleep when the baby sleeps. This advice is a really cliche one, but the most effective one as well. It might also happen that you might need more sleep than your baby! Not all moms are able to change their routines, especially sleep routines soon after the baby arrives. But, all you have to do after becoming a Mom is forget the day and the night cycle and just go with the baby! By this I also expect you to be up in the morning at 3 am for no reason! Good luck Mum!
  2. Hot Tub Heaven: If you have got stitches from delivery this hot tub trick will do you immense good! Every day while having bath, you need to kind of immerse yourself in a large hot water tub and be in this temporary heaven for some time! The heat of the water will help you quicken the healing process of the stitches down there!
  3. Head Bath! Watch Out!: You might sweat a lot in the days following your delivery. If you do, you will feel like taking a head bath every other day. My advice: avoid as long as you can! And if at all you do take a head bath, make sure there are no remains of oil in your hair and use a hair dryer to dry your hair completely the moment you step out of bath. This will ensure you don’t catch a cold and so doesn’t your baby.
  4. Gluttony Gal: You got to be eating all the time! I swear to this! Don’t skip any herbs, medicines, tonics, food items, laddoos (an Indian sweet in the shape of small balls), fruits or milk. The better you eat, the better you will produce milk for your baby. So don’t stay hungry, keep yourself full all the time.
  5. My Water Bottle: While breast feeding your baby, you might as well feel like you can drink gallons and gallons of water in one go. Don’t forget to keep a water bottle handy all the time, so that you are able to quench your thirst without disturbing your little one.
  6. Wash Wear What: Make it a point to wash the clothes of the little one separately. Do not repeat any clothes for her, even if she wore it just for fifteen minutes. Use any good liquid detergent for babies which has known anti bacterial properties. I hope I don’t need to mention that new clothes (unwashed clothes) are a strict no-no for newborns.
  7. Cut it Clean: By no means should you forget to keep your nails cut to the shortest length possible. Be they your finger nails or your toe nails, remove the nail paint and keep them well trimmed at all times. french nails cutting with nail cutterYou don’t want his soft skin to have scratches and cuts because of your French manicured nails you couldn’t do away with. Also, there’ll be a plenty number of instances when you would have to pop in your finger into his mouth – so be careful and clean Mommy!
  8. Jewels in a Jar: I would suggest you to remove all jewelry while handling the newborn. Your ear rings, necklace, bangles, rings – all could be potentially harmful for your delicate baby. Your necklace could hurt her while you’re trying to burp her, your rings might be bad for her when you’re massaging or bathing her.
  9. Feeding Bras: Feeding bras are one thing without which the experience of breast feeding is incomplete. Stock up on at least 3 feeding bras and don’t forget to try them before you buy them.
    Buy the ones that fit you the best and the mechanism of which you are the most comfortable with.
  10. Erect Spine: Not many moms remember this, but this is a very important advice to take care of. While breast feeding your baby, no matter what time of the day it is and no matter what place you are sitting in – be mindful to have an erect spine. It will make your breast feeding experience a very poor one, if it gifts you a free backache. Use pillows, use support, change postures – do whatever – but always have an erect spine.
  11. Sore Nipples: All new mothers get sore nipples when they start breast feeding. There’s a very simple solution to this. After you’re done feeding your newborn, apply your own breast milk to your nipples. It has amazing healing properties and it can benefit you like anything.
  12. You Are What You Wear: So, wear soft clothes! Don’t wear fabrics which have a rough or synthetic texture. The roughness might hurt the smooth and delicate cheeks of your baby. Wear t shirts that are soft and are not heat-trapping fabrics.
  13. E for Exercise: Get back to light exercise as soon as you can. Of course, you have to wait for a month or two after delivery to pass and then start getting back on track in terms of exercising. But, exercise you must!

Writing this post, instantly took me back to my New Mom and Newborn Baby days. How about adding some more to this list and re-living that feeling yourself? Do add at least one using the comments box below!

Comments, please!

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