Baby Meditation

What to cook today for breakfast?

What’s on my to-do list?

Need to plan the weekend!

Guests for dinner tomorrow; need to shop the groceries!

Need to book my gas refill!

Got to attend to the huge pile of laundry!

Cob-webs calling!

A good 4 bananas will get spoiled if I don’t make banana shake till evening!

Have to withdraw cash to pay salaries to the maids!

The overstuffed wardrobe needs to be tidied or else my clothes will abandon me!

Electricity bill and phone bills lined up! 

So many things on my mind! So many things on a stay-at-home Mom’s mind!

What do I do?

I just open the door to my room rather quietly, peek into the room from the thin slit that gets created and see the most beautiful site of my life: ‘my baby’.

My baby – who’s not a baby anymore! He’s a 22 month old toddler, my little riot, my little bundle of joy, my inspiration, my motivation and my reason to look forward to living life.

I see him sleeping in a quiet room, with the curtains drawn, so that not even the slightest ray of sunlight disturbs his sweet sleep; the temperature of the AC just right to make him feel cozy and the fan at the most apt speed so that its constant tttrrrrr buzzes him off to sleep and continues to keep him asleep.

The room looks really inviting with a few baby books with big pictures, scattered here and there on the bed. The play pen – even more inviting with toys pouring out of it – a bright giraffe, a fat elephant and many other toys along with a couple of bath toys – which should have ideally been in the bathroom – in his cute baby blue bathing tub.

I step in with soft baby steps, sneaking in with utmost attention and care, so as to not wake him up. I knowingly-unknowingly leave all my worrying thoughts outside the room and walk slowly and gently towards ‘my baby’.

Flaunting a white vest and snuggled in to his fleece blanket in just a diaper – this cute little sugar pie looks the most wonderful and love-filled living little one on this earth.

I instantly remove my footwear on the mickey mouse foot mat near the bed and find a cozy place next to him on the bed. His sweet sleep gets interrupted for a moment and he shakes himself awake. On finding that it’s me, he hugs me reflexively and continues to sleep, falling asleep in the very next moment.

As I run my hands through his soft hair and delicate brows, I feel his warm breath on the side of my neck. I rub his back for reassurance, actually reassuring myself that things will be fine and nothing is difficult if he’s around. He carelessly puts his tiny leg over my waist and makes a oommppsshshh sound as he changes his position slightly. I hold him tighter and closer and stick him close to my bosom, to feel complete and divine.

I get amazed at the beautiful creation of Nature and feel great at the thought of having been a means in letting Mother Nature do its work. I can’t stop admiring the tiny fingers and the wet lips. Kissing his soft cheeks lightly, I continue to admire his presence – both by my side and in my life.

I close my eyes gently for a minute and breathe deeply – breathing in the beauty of having my son in my arms and breathing out all the leftover stress and worries. I don’t feel like opening my eyes and carry on hugging him tight as if he’s no one else’s in this whole world – as much as he is mine.

I feel immense positive energy radiating inside me which gives me a green signal to move on and tells me to “Go ahead!”

Go ahead to take on the life that is waiting for me outside that door!

Go ahead to show the world that nothing is difficult or impossible!

Go ahead and put to use the best form of meditation, I just practiced…

…Baby Meditation!

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