About Me

I am Pranita Sohony, mother to a hyper active toddler, whom I brought into this world on Sep 5th 2013.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I gave birth to a baby boy and that little prince in turn gave birth to a mother, blogger and a parenting writer.

As a person, just talking out doesn’t relieve me of my itch to share my thoughts. I need to write and have it in black and  white. That’s exactly what Being Mumma! is: a worded form of my happiness, feelings, thoughts and experiences as a mother.

Here, I have tried my best to put my motherhood in as pure, plain and as ‘straight-from-the-heart’ manner as possible. By doing this, I aspire to be the voice of millions of Mummas out there who are not born writers but want to speak up their minds, who are too busy changing their babies diapers or feeding them to write about how they feel on having become a mother or who simply love to read and know what other Mummas like me have to say!

So, all you Mummas reading this, Come on! Let’s rock Mum-hood and make it a special feather in the hat of our lives. A feather we can be proud of; one that gives us a feeling of completeness and one that is an opportunity given to only the female race of mankind…

Come, let’s tell all, what life is like, when we are ‘Being Mumma!’

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Beautiful thought shared by a mother who is beautiful and intelligent (Pranita). As a mother i agree dat being a mother is a blessing as v can do the best 4 d kid.


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