13 Brand New Advice To Brand New Moms!

Hello New Mummas!

Recently, I have been getting a lot of queries from new Mummas and thought of doing a post for them – a post to help them get through those first few days or weeks of motherhood.

Here are 13 of my tips and advice, churned purely out of experience: Continue reading


Top 5 Surprises That Come With New Motherhood

If you can stay awake almost all night yet wake up with a smile to the coos and gurgles of your baby, smell your baby’s tush for poop, have a puke on your new t-shirt (and still be okay about it) or have tears of joy in your eyes when your baby tries to make the first effort to roll over – then you are a new mother who has just started the wonderful journey of motherhood.

They say, motherhood is the best adventure you can ever experience as it is more-than-full of surprises. Every day unfolds a new gift of unexpected yet fulfilling events that surprise you with every passing moment. All mothers eventually experience all kind of surprises out of which the top 5 are: Continue reading


5 Best Oils For Your Baby’s Skin

Soon after you have your newborn in your hands, do the other concerns and worries start pouring in. Feeding, sleeping, pooping, diapering and MASSAGING!

My son enjoyed the first ever massage of his life, when he was 4 days old and not before that. (I still remember, the day my Mom massaged him and bathed him, my baby slept like a baby – four hours straight!).

She massaged him with the regular olive oil and that is how it went on for days. A few weeks later, one of our neighbours suggested us to use coconut oil for the simple reason that it enhances the complexion of the baby (and who doesn’t want a baby with a good complexion?) so we immediately switched to coconut oil.

Since my son was born in September; December and winters along with it set in, just a few days after we started using the coconut oil. My son’s great grand mother happened to call us then and suggested stopping the use of coconut oil as it is believed to be of a cold tendency, so we switched to Mustard Oil for winters and the worst is yet to come!

Using mustard oil let to darkening of the baby’s skin and for one more time, we changed the massage oil and switched to Sesame oil! Sounds funny, right?

Unbelievably, that’s exactly what I went through in the past one year (talking about oils) and just to save you Mommies from the hassle of selecting the best oils for your baby, I decided to share details of all these massage oils with you.

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