Helping Your Child Socialize

“What is your name?”

“Where’s Mumma?”

“Come to me, I’ll give you a chocolate!”

“Do you want to play with this red football?, come let’s do it together!”

“Do you know Johnny Johnny Yes Papa!”

These are the regular questions, remarks, comments that a kid often comes across when he meets strangers. Many kids shy away and refuse to answer, hiding behind their mother and many others are more than happy to answer these questions!

Shyness in children and their refusal to socialize easily and comfortably often worries and troubles us. We all ‘secretly’ wish and want our kids to be tagged as a “smart kid” who answers all questions, recites all poems she knows, smiles when she meets people and is comfortable in public places. And it’s not just about our secret wishes and wants but also about the benefit that kids derive from socializing. If they are open to socializing, they:

  • Become more independent individuals and open up faster
  • Expose themselves to all kind of people in the society and learn the reality of life sooner
  • Learn to share with others (Be it their toys, food, books etc.)
  • Develop a better understanding of what is right and wrong
  • Develop interest in different aspects of life, like arts, sports, people etc.
  • Do not grow rigid and gradually learn to adjust with whatever comes their way
  • Develop important qualities like having patience; being caring, loving, sacrificing, communicating frankly etc

However, if we put ourselves in the shoes of our kid, we would realize that it is very pressurizing for a child to be the ideal we want her to be. In such a case, we need to help our kids become comfortable with strangers (only to a safe extent) and help them part away with their shyness and refusal to socialize.

Here are a few steps we can take to help our child grow out of the shield of shyness that he holds and shed the cocoon naturally: Continue reading


Easy 5-minute Nail Art

This weekend I could manage to get some Me-time and thought of trying out something I had never tried before!

A change of nail polish was long over due and I thought I should try my hand at nail art. 

I didn’t have any paint brushes, sticker tapes,motifs or other cool stuff required to make a nail art attempt successful. In fact I didn’t even have the slightest of practice of using the brush in any way other than the regular!

Nevertheless, I just began painting my nails sportingly and thought I will undo it in the wink of an eye if my attempt fails! To my surprise, it turned out to be pretty cool (if seen from the perspective of a Newbie like me!).

Sharing the steps with all Mummas so that even they can enjoy a self-done nail art (that gets done in exactly 5 minutes) at the comfort of their home!

I used:

  • Nail paint remover
  • Cotton balls
  • Q-tips 
  • Nail polish shades
    • Lakme True Wear Nail Color Metallics 040 IMG_20150215_163725
    • Lakme Color Crush truewear 21 IMG_20150215_163828
    • Lakme Color Crush truewear 45 IMG_20150215_163756

What I did:

  • I simply removed my old nail paint using cotton and nail paint remover.
  • Then painted a diagonal line with Lakme Color Crush 21, followed by one with Color Crush 45 and finally ended with Lakme True Wear Nail Color Metallics 040.
  • I didn’t use any sticker tapes (as one is supposed to) as I didn’t really have much idea nor the patience to use them. I repeatedly kept wiping extra paint off my cuticles, using Q-tips dipped in nail paint remover.

It eventually turned out quite well and looked like this…


I went for the simplest design to begin with and did realize at the end that I could have done a neater job, had I used tapes.IMG_20150215_162358

It was an awesome experience nevertheless and kind of energized me up for no reason! I am now looking forward to trying newer designs using motifs, tapes, stencils, bobby pins etc.

Do drop in your unique ideas to do such nail art at home using the minimum possible things and finishing up in hardly five minutes!


12 Ways To Protect Your Kid From Cold This Winter

Before I became a mother, winters to me meant: fashionable overcoats, evenings that set in early and mornings that started late, tomato soups, late night coffees, foggy mornings and sleeping for hours in cozy blankets.

But, since I became a mother, winters to me mean: lots of winterwear  shopping for my son, getting all baby blankets dry cleaned and ready for use, stocking up on baby lotions and a couple of pediatric drops to save him from the cold and what not.

Every year when winters set in, all mothers dread the season and always wish they knew the best ways to protect their little ones from cough, cold and all the harsh effects of winter.

So, here’s Being Mumma with a few tips, tricks, precautionary measures and remedies to save your child from that not-at-all welcome cold… Continue reading


5 Most Simple Beauty Tips for Mummas

I had the best of skin and hair during pregnancy. It was only then that I came to know what flawless and glowing skin actually is and I also began believing in Dove’s tag line which says “good skin needs no makeup”.

However, things changed soon after the fairy took away all the so called delivery glow. Moreover, a super busy life after becoming a mother didn’t leave me with any chance to take care of my skin or hair or looks.

Dressing up sanely, having tidy hair and looking just about okay is all what my beauty regime consisted of. My makeup stuff got buried in the innermost shelf of my cupboard and I just felt like I have no time to look after myself.

I had no idea what to do and what was going on. But one thing I knew for sure and that was that life will take a few years to get back to normal. And by the time life gets back to normal I would have lived 30 years of my life and would anyway feel age setting in. So, I thought that it’s time to wake up and take care of myself to make myself beautiful from the inside if not with the help of cosmetics or makeup.

In such a case, there are a few things that I try to do to look decently good at least when I am out. Here are 5 simplest beauty tips that all Mummas can use without any investment at all: Continue reading


Guest Post: 5 Ways To Impart Values To Children

Today’s Guest Post is by Mrs. Gokula Lakshmi.

‘Being Mumma’ is the best thing to have happened to me and so there can be no better place for me to post my first ever blog. Thanks to Pranita.

Being a mother of three, an 8 year old boy and 1.5 years old twin girls, has been the most gratifying experience. A thought very often crosses my mind that regardless of what the future holds for me, I will always be grateful to my children for taking me through a galore of the most beautiful experiences ever, to say the least!

Every moment I spend watching them grow, I see different personalities shining through each one of them, each beautiful in his/her own way! And then I realize that God has given us parents such a significant task of moulding these little ones into responsible adults. So among everything we provide for our children, one of the most important aspects of parenting is imparting values.

What are “values”? In my view values are deep rooted ethics which are cemented in our belief system based on our cultural and environmental influences. We feel obligated to pass them on to our children without which we feel that we haven’t done our jobs as parents. Children imbibe the positives and negatives of our value system by virtue of being closely associated with us.

Every generation of children live in a gradually changing era which is quite different than that of their parents. And every generation of parents, on their part, grapple with the challenges that are thrown at them. Children are influenced by so many factors like family, school, friends, television, raging hormones, peer pressure, etc. As a mother I want to always protect my children from all the negative influences and I know that it is practically impossible. But what I can do is equip my children with values which will be a part of the way they lead their lives.

Here are 5 tried and tested ways that I feel can help us in raising children and can have a positive influence on them: Continue reading