Guest Post: How To Plan The Most Memorable Family Vacation Ever

Today’s guest post is by Mrs. Joanna Santillan.

As the saying goes: “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” And yes, planning is a big part of the journey to a wonderful vacation. Going out on a holiday with the family is an amazing way to bond and make new memories with them. It’s also worth highlighting that the kids won’t stay young for long. So while they’re still kids, plan a vacation or two. Here’s a list of tips when planning a vacation where everyone will enjoy: Continue reading


13 Brand New Advice To Brand New Moms!

Hello New Mummas!

Recently, I have been getting a lot of queries from new Mummas and thought of doing a post for them – a post to help them get through those first few days or weeks of motherhood.

Here are 13 of my tips and advice, churned purely out of experience: Continue reading


My Tips For Losing Weight After Becoming A Mom

IMG_20150620_133042A few days back, a friend looked at this Whatsapp display pic of mine and asked,

“How are you so slim?

How did you get here?

Give me some tips too!”

I read her messages and  started pondering over it.

Surprisingly, I was at typing out the reply, the very next moment and here’s what I wrote: Continue reading


5 Things No One Tells You About Being A Mother

No matter how much ever planned and expected your pregnancy is, no matter how much you were dying to give birth to your little one and no matter how much of reading you did to prepare yourself for motherhood, there still are and there will always be a few things that will take you by surprise. Here are the ones I think no one really tells you about motherhood or about being a mother, and the ones I discovered only after I jumped into the boat: Continue reading


Helping Your Child Socialize

“What is your name?”

“Where’s Mumma?”

“Come to me, I’ll give you a chocolate!”

“Do you want to play with this red football?, come let’s do it together!”

“Do you know Johnny Johnny Yes Papa!”

These are the regular questions, remarks, comments that a kid often comes across when he meets strangers. Many kids shy away and refuse to answer, hiding behind their mother and many others are more than happy to answer these questions!

Shyness in children and their refusal to socialize easily and comfortably often worries and troubles us. We all ‘secretly’ wish and want our kids to be tagged as a “smart kid” who answers all questions, recites all poems she knows, smiles when she meets people and is comfortable in public places. And it’s not just about our secret wishes and wants but also about the benefit that kids derive from socializing. If they are open to socializing, they:

  • Become more independent individuals and open up faster
  • Expose themselves to all kind of people in the society and learn the reality of life sooner
  • Learn to share with others (Be it their toys, food, books etc.)
  • Develop a better understanding of what is right and wrong
  • Develop interest in different aspects of life, like arts, sports, people etc.
  • Do not grow rigid and gradually learn to adjust with whatever comes their way
  • Develop important qualities like having patience; being caring, loving, sacrificing, communicating frankly etc

However, if we put ourselves in the shoes of our kid, we would realize that it is very pressurizing for a child to be the ideal we want her to be. In such a case, we need to help our kids become comfortable with strangers (only to a safe extent) and help them part away with their shyness and refusal to socialize.

Here are a few steps we can take to help our child grow out of the shield of shyness that he holds and shed the cocoon naturally: Continue reading


Guest Post: Why I Chose To Have 3 Children?

Today’s Guest Post is by Mrs. LeeAnna Haugen
My oldest child is a ten year-old girl we call Chewy. Actually, she named herself when she first learned to say her name. I was twenty-three years old on December 17, 2003 when I found out I was pregnant.
I had been to the doctor earlier due to missing work for what I thought was the flu. I simply needed a doctor’s note to give my supervisor. My mother was with me, and for some reason, she pushed the doctor to take a pregnancy test. The doctor was doubtful but relented. I took the test and went home on the promise that he would call if anything came back. Well, minutes before walking out the door to take my college finals I got the phone call that literally changed my life.
Prior to this point, I had not thought about having children. The little I did think about it was just to say that I didn’t really think I wanted children. In fact, I do remember having a conversation with a coworker who was due to have her baby. She had reminded me of this later. She said that I had adamantly declared that I was NEVER having children. Obviously I was wrong.
Now, I think of my life as BC and AC.  Before Children and After Children. I don’t know what I would do without my kids.
When my oldest was only eight months, I felt confident that I wanted another. Six weeks later I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter we call Mimi.
I was done having kids. No more I said.
Eight years after my youngest daughter was born I started feeling sick. I was always irregular but was way later than normal-like two months late. Yeah, I know. It shouldn’t have taken me that long, but I never in a million years thought about being pregnant. I have some serious hormonal issues and have been told numerous times I was lucky to have my first two.
I figured what the hey; I will take a test. I got the test, took it and took another, and another and another…I took eleven tests before I was convinced. I went to my mother-in-law’s, who lives nearby, with all eleven tests. I was beside myself. She looked at the tests and at me.
Her exact words were, “I am in shock”.
My third child was a boy. We call him June Bug. He was born in February of 2014. I am once again the mom of a baby and soon to be toddler. I am thirty-three and feel super old although I know many moms don’t even begin till they are my age.
The only real planned pregnancy was my second. The biggest shock was my last pregnancy.
Would I have it any other way? No. I love my children with my whole being. They have changed my life for the better.
I did end up getting all the way into the nursing program before I decided I really wanted to stay home with my kids. I want better for my kids than I had. We all do, don’t we? I want to be with them. It isn’t that we couldn’t use the money, but if we can make it, I would like to be home. My husband agrees. I know everyone’s situation, wants and needs are different. For now, this is me-stay-at-home-mommy.
I never really made a conscious decision to have three kids. I just did. I believe it was what was meant for me. It seems the more I try to plan things the more they work out differently then I thought I wanted. It is funny how the things we think we want are sometimes the farthest from the things we need deep down.
leeMy name is LeeAnna. I am a long-time stay-at-home-mom and blog at http://amomshumor.weebly.com/. I love being home with the kids, but I also have a passion for writing. I am trying to get myself organized so I can do what I want to be doing. I love interacting with others and getting to know more about things around me. I look forward to continuing this journey and being able to look back at how far I have gotten.

Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

Mindfulness was a very new and different concept to me, before I became a mother. I had no idea how one could use it for one’s kids for good. Only after I read and did some research on the world wide web, about it, did I educate myself and came up with a post on it.

Sharing it with all Mums on Being Mumma! as an addition to our Mumma Mondays’ bank…

Learn everything about mindfulness, its benefits and how to teach it to your kids in this post of mine.

Do let me know your views about it as soon as you’re done reading and trying it out!