5 Things No One Tells You About Being A Mother

No matter how much ever planned and expected your pregnancy is, no matter how much you were dying to give birth to your little one and no matter how much of reading you did to prepare yourself for motherhood, there still are and there will always be a few things that will take you by surprise. Here are the ones I think no one really tells you about motherhood or about being a mother, and the ones I discovered only after I jumped into the boat: Continue reading


Yahoo! Pratap is here!

I dedicate my first post on ‘Being Mumma’ to my son (Ah! feels so good to write that! 🙂 ), Pratap, who gave birth to me… a Mumma!

The 9 month long wait finally came to an end on Sep 5th, 2013 at 08:02 pm when this bundle of joy (literally) glided into my life. The joy of having a baby and having been able to deliver him naturally was and will always be inexplicably great enough to be described.

I knew exactly what other mothers meant when they said that you forget all pain the moment you see the baby! I knew exactly what being in labor felt like and most of all, I knew exactly what ‘Being Mumma’ felt like!