Unique Ideas For Kids Rooms’ Theme Wallpapers

I have a huge blank wall in my room (now more of my son’s room) staring at me all day and it’s been days since I have been thinking of painting it or decorating it or writing something on it or sticking stickers on it or …… (Ideas anyone?)

A simple and hassle-free idea that came to my mind was that of using wallpapers. I googled it in and out and am presenting here a few unique ideas that are really creative and colorful, churned out of my search and research.

Check them out and tweak these ideas a bit here and a bit there and get down to giving a cool and refreshing look to your kids’ room… Continue reading


Teaching Mindfulness to Kids

Mindfulness was a very new and different concept to me, before I became a mother. I had no idea how one could use it for one’s kids for good. Only after I read and did some research on the world wide web, about it, did I educate myself and came up with a post on it.

Sharing it with all Mums on Being Mumma! as an addition to our Mumma Mondays’ bank…

Learn everything about mindfulness, its benefits and how to teach it to your kids in this post of mine.

Do let me know your views about it as soon as you’re done reading and trying it out!