12 Ways To Protect Your Kid From Cold This Winter

Before I became a mother, winters to me meant: fashionable overcoats, evenings that set in early and mornings that started late, tomato soups, late night coffees, foggy mornings and sleeping for hours in cozy blankets.

But, since I became a mother, winters to me mean: lots of winterwear  shopping for my son, getting all baby blankets dry cleaned and ready for use, stocking up on baby lotions and a couple of pediatric drops to save him from the cold and what not.

Every year when winters set in, all mothers dread the season and always wish they knew the best ways to protect their little ones from cough, cold and all the harsh effects of winter.

So, here’s Being Mumma with a few tips, tricks, precautionary measures and remedies to save your child from that not-at-all welcome cold… Continue reading