Happy Mother’s Day 2015: How My Child Made Me Feel Special…

Being Mumma wishes a very Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful Mummas who are a part of the fraternity!

With every blog post I upload and every experience I share on Being Mumma, about ‘my’ being a Mumma, in some or the other way I express how special it is to be a Mother.

So, this Mother’s Day I thought of doing the same thing, but a little differently. I pinged all Mummas and requested them to contribute to Being Mumma by sharing their beautiful experiences and feelings as a mother, in few words. I also asked them to support it with a pic, so that all of us here get to see their cutie pies too!

I personally wish to THANK all the Mummas for taking out time to write for Being Mumma and making this Mother’s Day so special for me and all of us!

Here’s what they have to say…

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Being a mother is probably the MOST rewarding and the MOST difficult part of my life. My daughters, Anushree and Anushka, bring out the best and the worst in me.

They are my mirrors and continue to help me grow in areas I never considered possible. They reflect resilience and purity that I strive for. Anushree (the 5 year old) is an epitome of forgiveness. Never an apology goes unaccepted with her. She continues to teach me kindness and forgiveness.

She continues to show me that motherhood is indeed a blessing and a journey that is unmatched.

-Swati Karnik & Anushree-Anushka, Allen,Texas

Displaying IMG_20150509_134627.JPGOm is our tiny ‘one-month-new’  bundle of joy. Ever since we conceived him I felt a calming Aum like presence and the name stuck.

I love it when he dozes off on me with a smile after he has had his fill.

I can sit for hours with him clutching my fingers in his firm never-letting-go grasp.

I truly cherish every moment with him- be it diapering, bath-time, smiley Om, sleepy Om or the occasionally cranky Om.

-Swetha Shyam & Om, Bellevue, Washington

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The very first time I saw her, totally unfamiliar yet so adorable. An integral part of my body, my soul and my life now is 2 months old. The moment when she held my finger tightly as if she never wanted to let me go was the first moment in which she made me feel special as a mother.

Looking forward to live many more such moments with my little princess, Manvi.

-Vani Vyas & Manvi, Jaipur

Displaying IMG_20150509_134702.JPGChildren are a blessing from God. Its truly a marvellous feeling to have kids. Both my kids, Kohithi and Lohith, are grown up and there is no one particular time, but many, when they’ve made me feel special.

Right from their hugs, kisses, l-Love-Yous, drawings of their childhood days to the respect, appreciation and surprises that they have ever given to me – every little thing makes me feel special and it can’t really be put down in words.

All I know is, that being their mother is the best thing that happened to my life.

-Veditha & Lohith-Kohithi, Hyderabad

Displaying IMG_20150509_135525.JPGSimple acts of love and care brighten up my day.A couple of weeks ago, I was sad and tearful about something that had happened. My children were around.

When they saw me crying, Sanjit, my 8 year old son, came over to me and hugged me quietly. My 2 year old daughter, Ruthvi, sat on my lap and began crying too! Her twin sister Riya wiped my tears off my cheeks with her soft little hand and said, “Amma! Don’t cry!”

I was very touched by their unexpected gesture! I couldn’t have felt more comforted and special!

-Gokula Lakshmi & Sanjit-Ria-Ruthvi, Bangalore

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I love my daughter, Neha, and son, Abhijit, with all my heart. They are my inspiration every day. Each one of them have their own personality and their own way to express themselves.

My daughter is sweet and sensitive. She is just simply talented at so many different things all the way around.
My son is very determinant and persistent. He is very clear with his feelings. He lets me know when he is extremely happy or when very upset.
I believe my kids are a divine gift by the divine power.

-R.V.Lakshmi & Neha-Abhijit, Hyderabad

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On Feb 20th 2014, I was reborn! Yes! I was reborn as a mother because that’s the day my little prince, Ronit, came into my life. He fulfilled my life and my wishes in all ways and I felt a kind of completeness on his arrival. He made me feel special in his own way by making me his first priority. I started feeling that my existence is important, something that I had never felt in my life earlier.

Being a mother is really a special feeling and is the most special relation in the world. Since I became a mother, I have learnt so many things in life like patience, tolerance, sacrifice…and the list goes on- all from my little one which helped me grow into a better person.

Thank you darling Ronit for coming into my life and making me feel special in your own way!

-Vijaya Anil & Ronit, Bangalore

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Being a mother is special and being a mother of twins, Daryush and Hormuzd, is extra special. Double the trouble; double the fun, hugs and kisses. Their genuine love and laughter makes all the chaos worth it. Life is good, and all the more special because of God’s blessings in the form on my little boys.

-Armaity Debara & Daryush-Hormuzd, Hyderabad

Displaying IMG_20150509_134241.JPGMy daughter, Gauri, really knows how to make everyday special for me by smiling at me in the morning, by holding my hand, by saying “I love you mommy” or by dancing with me.

Even her fights with me make me feel special.

-Rucha Sapre & Gauri, Cerritos, California

Displaying IMG_20150509_134613.JPGKids make us feel special every day in their own little way.

“I love you Mommy” – with a cute, little mischievous smile from Sanvi, my 3 year old dughter, is my most favourite.

Everyday is a fresh and new challenge requiring tons of creativity to get the chores from ‘bed-to-bed’ done!

-Pratibha Baheti & Sanvi, Santa Clara, California


Every parent feels a sense of pride when they talk of their children and I am no exception. With Mithi being a sensitive and compassionate young girl, my heart just swells up. It is difficult to remember or pinpoint any particular incident when she made me feel special because every moment being her mom makes me feel blessed and grateful. The feeling is there when she helps me in my daily chores without being asked to do so. It is there when she looks upon my achievements as her own and celebrates them. It is there in the numerous handmade cards and gifts I have received on all possible occasions( my refrigerator and wardrobe are proof of that). I love you, my baby.

-Shilpa & Somansha, Hyderabad


His hugs..and arms all stretched out to reach me..that makes my day..that’s how I feel special..the love that can best be understood by a mother..every child’s love for his/her mother is tailor-made..only suitable for their own mother..

Vaishali Sudan & Harshal, Delhi

And finally a really heartfelt salute and a love-filled Mother’s Day wish to my own dear mother Mrs. Manjiri Karnik! All that I am or ever will be – I owe to you Mom. Thanks for always being there no matter how much I argue with you or fight with you! I know one thing for sure that my life didn’t come with a manual – it came with YOU!

Love You Aai!

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Wishing You A Very Happy Mother’s Day!

Do leave in your comments on this Mother’s Day special post and needless to say – share it liberally!

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