Pre-Event Listing: LifeCell Mommies Day Out – Workshop for Expectant Mothers at IHC, New Delhi

This Mother’s Day, pregnant mommies in Delhi can get pampered at Mommies Day Out – a prenatal workshop to be organized by ‘LifeCell International Pvt Ltd’ in association with Fortis La Femme. Continue reading


Post-Baby Body Changes I Hate, Yet Love!

The best and the most pleasant compliment that I often get since I became a mother is,

“You haven’t changed at all! You look all the same!”.

My response? I smile and die a little more inside. Yes! I really DIE every time I hear this, because instead of making me happy I feel like I’ve just been hit in the face yet again.

These compliments, these reactions of friends and relatives only remind me that although I haven’t changed at all on the outside, I’m totally a different person on the inside; and by inside I mean not just mentally but more physically.

Here’s what my post-baby body got me and here’s what you too should get prepared for in case you’re expecting a baby or have just become a mother: Continue reading


Guest Post: Why I Chose To Have 3 Children?

Today’s Guest Post is by Mrs. LeeAnna Haugen
My oldest child is a ten year-old girl we call Chewy. Actually, she named herself when she first learned to say her name. I was twenty-three years old on December 17, 2003 when I found out I was pregnant.
I had been to the doctor earlier due to missing work for what I thought was the flu. I simply needed a doctor’s note to give my supervisor. My mother was with me, and for some reason, she pushed the doctor to take a pregnancy test. The doctor was doubtful but relented. I took the test and went home on the promise that he would call if anything came back. Well, minutes before walking out the door to take my college finals I got the phone call that literally changed my life.
Prior to this point, I had not thought about having children. The little I did think about it was just to say that I didn’t really think I wanted children. In fact, I do remember having a conversation with a coworker who was due to have her baby. She had reminded me of this later. She said that I had adamantly declared that I was NEVER having children. Obviously I was wrong.
Now, I think of my life as BC and AC.  Before Children and After Children. I don’t know what I would do without my kids.
When my oldest was only eight months, I felt confident that I wanted another. Six weeks later I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter we call Mimi.
I was done having kids. No more I said.
Eight years after my youngest daughter was born I started feeling sick. I was always irregular but was way later than normal-like two months late. Yeah, I know. It shouldn’t have taken me that long, but I never in a million years thought about being pregnant. I have some serious hormonal issues and have been told numerous times I was lucky to have my first two.
I figured what the hey; I will take a test. I got the test, took it and took another, and another and another…I took eleven tests before I was convinced. I went to my mother-in-law’s, who lives nearby, with all eleven tests. I was beside myself. She looked at the tests and at me.
Her exact words were, “I am in shock”.
My third child was a boy. We call him June Bug. He was born in February of 2014. I am once again the mom of a baby and soon to be toddler. I am thirty-three and feel super old although I know many moms don’t even begin till they are my age.
The only real planned pregnancy was my second. The biggest shock was my last pregnancy.
Would I have it any other way? No. I love my children with my whole being. They have changed my life for the better.
I did end up getting all the way into the nursing program before I decided I really wanted to stay home with my kids. I want better for my kids than I had. We all do, don’t we? I want to be with them. It isn’t that we couldn’t use the money, but if we can make it, I would like to be home. My husband agrees. I know everyone’s situation, wants and needs are different. For now, this is me-stay-at-home-mommy.
I never really made a conscious decision to have three kids. I just did. I believe it was what was meant for me. It seems the more I try to plan things the more they work out differently then I thought I wanted. It is funny how the things we think we want are sometimes the farthest from the things we need deep down.
leeMy name is LeeAnna. I am a long-time stay-at-home-mom and blog at http://amomshumor.weebly.com/. I love being home with the kids, but I also have a passion for writing. I am trying to get myself organized so I can do what I want to be doing. I love interacting with others and getting to know more about things around me. I look forward to continuing this journey and being able to look back at how far I have gotten.